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Jupiter trine Pluto

A deep-level urge for understanding

Kelli Fox

One of the biggest gifts that you bring to a love affair is your power of inspiration. You're a natural philosopher, a lifelong learner and an optimist at your core, and you inspire everyone around you with your zest for life. You have a deep-level urge to understand yourself, and you can inspire your honey to search their own psyche and become more self-aware.

In love, you also want to understand your sweetie as well as yourself, and the inner dynamics of the relationship. You're not one to let problems just simmer at length; you aren't afraid of a little darkness or conflict, and you want to bring your own and your honey's insecurities and other issues to the light, to eradicate them forever. Your relationships can get kind of intense for this reason. Every love affair you've ever had has been a growth experience, and this will remain true for the rest of your life. Whether you go through a series of short, intense affairs or longer, more intimate connections, you'll always take something valuable away with you. And because you're such an optimist, even your larger romantic setbacks won't wound you for long, because you're always looking forward, into the future.

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