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Jupiter trine North Node

Open to life's lessons

Kelli Fox

You rarely have trouble with taking in the lessons of a love affair and integrating them into your life, because you're open to what life has to teach you and where it will lead you. Unlike some people, you don't balk at progress, either growth within yourself as an individual or the forward-movement of your relationship with someone special. And you may have less trouble accepting it when relationships end, too; it's all in the scheme of things, and you know that the lessons you'll take away will be invaluable for the rest of your life.

You're something of an idealist in love, but not so much so that you'll blind yourself to the reality of an affair. It's more that you hold an ideal in your mind of what the relationship could and should be, and you work toward that on a regular basis, learning from your mistakes and building on all the things that you do right. You're an example to your sweetie, too, both in the ways that you behave in the relationship and in the way that you treat them. Your faith in love and your optimism about relationships will almost certainly lead you to that long-term, stable, loving bond that you hope for.

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