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Jupiter trine Neptune

Just follow your heart

Kelli Fox

Follow your intuition in love -- because your instincts won't steer you wrong. In fact, your best opportunities in relationships will come up when you're following your heart, or your 'gut,' instead of trying to do what you think you 'should' do. What's right for you may not be what someone else would do; you're on your own path when it comes to romance and intimacy, and that's as it should be.

And what path can be followed without mistakes and obstacles cropping up from time to time? You'll encounter these too, but you're optimistic and bright-eyed enough to take them in stride, as learning experiences. You bring a lot of sweetness, idealism and compassion to your love affairs, so if you're hooked up with the right person -- someone who won't take advantage of your kindness -- you'll have a really nice time in love. Your best relationships will be the ones that teach you something about what it is to be human. You have a deeper understanding of human nature than most people, and this understanding is yet another gift you bring to your love affairs. You're able to look deeply into your lover's soul and know intuitively who they are, and what they need in love.

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