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Jupiter trine Juno

Finding the answers through love

Kelli Fox

You are a seeker. You go through life with your eyes and your heart wide open, and you seek experience and understanding. Your quest will almost certainly lead you to a commitment with someone special, because an intimate relationship is one of the main ways that you learn what life is all about.

Love, for you, is an enlightening experience. You get pretty philosophical about it, and you love theorizing about the workings of the human heart with your honey! A lover who's as theoretical and spiritually-minded as you are will be your best choice for a long-term love, because you would feel stifled by someone with little interest in those subjects. Even if you go through restless phases in your love life, being in a romantic partnership will ultimately teach you the most about life. Working with someone who is your spiritual equal is one of the main focuses of your existence; you just have to find that partner who can move forward along the path with you. A commitment in love helps you strengthen your commitment to your spiritual beliefs, so seek a partner who isn't necessarily similar to you in those ways, but who is at least interested in asking the big questions.

Jupiter trine Juno in the Compatibility Chart

Jupiter trine Juno in the Composite Chart

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