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Jupiter square Uranus

A sense of conflict in love

Kelli Fox

You feel a deep-rooted sense of conflict within yourself. You want to do what's 'right' in love -- to find a partner to share your life, to move with them along on those familiar paths of dating, commitment, marriage and so on. Maybe you want to please your parents, recreate the loving relationship that they had -- or avoid the troubled bond that they shared.

But another part of you struggles against the limitations inherent in that idea of traditional relationships, and wants to break free of anything that's been done before. This is the part of you that can sometimes get you into trouble, because it can convince you to do things you might later regret. You might ditch out on a relationship that's going really well, because suddenly it feels restrictive in its predictable sweetness; or maybe you've got your eye on more than one cutie at a time, and you don't know how to pull yourself back and focus on just one special someone. You might jump into a love affair without thinking of the consequences. Sometimes your love life feels like a mess of your own creation, and you're right -- these situations could just as easily be avoided, with some forethought and focus.

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