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Jupiter square Saturn

Sabotaging yourself in love

Kelli Fox

You have a hard time with commitment, whether it's to yourself, to your goals or to a lover. Somewhere inside you, pretty close to the surface, you have the feeling that rules are made to be broken, and you do so any chance you get. You have a devil-may-care attitude about seriousness, authority and living up to anyone's standards but your own.

But deeper beneath that attitude, at its source, lies fear -- fear of commitment, of applying yourself to a relationship or devoting yourself even to someone you love. What if it all falls through? What if you put forth your best effort, and you still fail? That's a pretty scary thought, so you generally try to avoid thinking about it at all -- and you avoid serious commitments and responsibilities. In a love affair, when your honey sets the bar high, you purposely fall short of it, just to flaunt the fact that you don't care; but deep down, you really do. This kind of behavior and outlook is stunting your growth as a human being, as long as you refuse to grow up and mature. In relationships, you're inconsistent at best; learning to settle down and treat your sweetie with respect will be a long and probably difficult process.

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