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Jupiter square Pluto


Kelli Fox

The people closest to you -- your friends and loved ones -- know that you can be a little hard to deal with at times. You're intelligent in the extreme, but you can take it way too far, becoming dogmatic about your beliefs and forgetting that they're just beliefs and not fact. You certainly are ambitious, and self-confident -- and when you're not feeling confident, you fake it.

That's a hard shell to crack for anyone who wants to get close to you, like a lover. When your honey disagrees with you, or plays devil's advocate just to present a challenge to your hardcore beliefs, you can get antagonistic fast, especially if other aspects in your birth chart support an argumentative or stubborn nature. It's not all hot air, either; that's actually part of what can make you so hard to deal with! You've got good ideas, and that sharp intelligence. You can see what's wrong with the world around you -- in your relationship, for example -- and you've got original ideas for how to fix things. But instead of trying to communicate and cooperate with your sweetie, and solve your issues together, you take a loner stance. This can make your honey feel left out in the cold.

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