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Jupiter square Neptune

Head in the clouds

Kelli Fox

In a love affair, you're vulnerable to deceit -- your own just as much as your lover's. You might get involved with someone who spins stories about their feelings or their commitment that turn out to be a pack of lies. But even if you're with someone honest and true, you might still mislead yourself in your vision of what the relationship is and what it could be.

You're an idealist in love, but you're also a pessimist at the very same time -- contradictory conditions that go hand in hand when your ideals disappoint you time and again. You jump into affairs with your whole heart, telling yourself and anyone else who will listen that this is it -- this is the one you've been waiting for, the love that will inspire sonnets and love songs for centuries to come. But while you're getting so wrapped up in your little fantasy, reality is playing out before you, and usually it's pretty different from what you've been convincing yourself it is. The comedown from such an illusion can be hard indeed, but your fantasies do come from a good place -- an idealistic streak within you that strives for perfection in love. Just try to remember that perfection isn't possible; work instead toward real, and good.

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