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Jupiter square Juno

A frustrating experience

Kelli Fox

You have a hungry heart and a constantly seeking mind, and you're on a lifelong quest to understand the true meaning of life. Your questing keeps leading you into relationships, but love can be an uncomfortable experience for you. Deep down, you feel like romantic commitments get in the way of your urge to expand your horizons; more often than not, you end up leaving the relationship.

But love can and should be a mind-expanding experience. Instead of a limitation, it opens up whole worlds that you can't even guess at when you're single and alone! So why is it such a frustrating feeling for you to be involved in a stable relationship with someone special? The initial experience of falling in love might be fun, even exhilarating, but sooner or later you're up to your old tricks again. You can push things too far for your lover to take; maybe you insist on so much alone-time for spinning your dreams and theories that your honey feels neglected, or maybe your hunger for experience and freedom pushes you to flirt with other people. In some way, you're getting in your own way of what could be a truly spiritual, mind-bending experience of love.

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