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Jupiter sextile Uranus

A seeker in love

Kelli Fox

You're a seeker, in love and in life. In relationships, you make an optimistic partner; you're always willing to go that extra mile for your sweetie. When you reach a roadblock in your communication or some other area of your relationship, instead of throwing up your hands in defeat, you look for a new way to solve the problem.

You're always learning, and you're a natural teacher; you love to find new ways of doing things that work, and then enthusiastically pass on your newfound knowledge. Your honey will find real inspiration in you and will look up to you for your good humor, your wide-open eyes and heart, and your constant search for truth and experience. You're probably the better communicator in your relationships; you're constantly reaching out to others, and it's important to you to understand your sweetie and to be understood by them. If you get involved with someone who's less communicative than you are, this is a gift you can bring to the relationship to help teach them to open up and reach out with their heart and their mind. On your own path in love, make sure that you not only search, but find the answers and truths you're looking for.

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