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Jupiter sextile South Node

Learning from love

Kelli Fox

Instead of letting yourself repeat the same mistakes in relationships over and over again, getting bogged down in the past and refusing to progress to a new plane of personal existence and interrelationship, you're open to what life has to teach you. You have a good feeling about love, either because you've been through some very positive experiences in the past, or because your less-than-great experiences haven't put a damper on your hopes, or your expectations. You've got the best kind of idealism about your future: the kind that's based in reality instead of in keeping the blinders on.

You're realistic about life and love; you just also have the strong sense that you can make things even better if you just put your mind to it. You've got lots of good ideas about how to create a wonderful bond with your sweetie. You appreciate relationships that have something to teach you, and you also like being an example to your sweetie -- infecting them with your enthusiasm and your optimistic outlook. Even your love affairs that have ended live in your memory as experiences that you're glad you had, and jumping-off points from which to dive into your loving future.

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