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Jupiter sextile Saturn

Putting your back into it

Kelli Fox

In terms of your career, you've got it down: You're a hard worker; you're practical, serious and industrious; but you've also got the inspiration and creativity it takes to bring something special to your work. But best of all, you can bring all of these strengths to your love life. You're able to be serious about commitment and to treat your lover with the respect they deserve because responsibility is important to you.

You don't mind putting hard work into upholding your end of the relationship, because you recognize that your efforts strengthen your bond with that special someone. And you're optimistic about love. Relationships are a learning experience for you; you're not afraid of bumps in the road, because to you, they don't automatically mean the long, slow and painful death of the affair. You're happy to learn a new way of relating with your sweetie, if the way that you're used to relating doesn't work with them. You're confident in your abilities as a long-term partner, because you know the strengths you have to bring to a relationship: your optimism; your discipline; your sense of commitment and responsibility.

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