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Jupiter sextile Pluto

A natural philosopher

Kelli Fox

You're an idealistic and inspiring friend and lover. You're full of passion for life, for learning, and you infect everyone around you with that energy. You're a natural philosopher; you love to look at life and think about what it all means.

For this reason, even if you go through a difficult time in love or even a real heartbreak, you'll ultimately take it all in stride, because everything you go through -- every experience, including setbacks -- has brought you where you are today, and will take you wherever you're headed next. You have a strong sense of the fact that life is all about experience, making mistakes and moving forward, always pushing toward truth; and the same is true of love. Your best partner will be someone who not only doesn't hold you back from your lifelong quest of learning and experience, but who can move forward alongside you, and analyze and discuss everything you both experience along the way. A strong communicative bond is important to you in a love affair; at the very least, you need a lover who is a good listener, because you love going off on tangents about your theories on life, love and the ever after!

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