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Jupiter sextile North Node

Prompting progress gracefully

Kelli Fox

When it comes to relationships, you have a subtle, tactful and intuitive way of coaxing things forward -- if you want things to progress, that is. You're not one to push for a commitment, or to hurry along to the next relationship milestone -- a declaration of love, moving in together and so on. Instead, you're perfectly happy for things to move along naturally.

While you don't like to be in a relationship that's going nowhere, you're also okay with taking a wait-and-see attitude about where things will go. Because of this graceful, laid-back attitude, your honey will probably start to look to you for cues as to where the relationship is headed, and voila! You've got things right where you want them -- a comfortable amount of control in the relationship, and things moving forward at a steady pace that holds your interest. Barring other, stronger aspects in your chart that might override this influence, you're not afraid of commitment; if you're not interested in making one, it's probably for good reason. You're okay with leaving a relationship rather than sticking around in a situation that's not teaching either of you anything.

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