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Jupiter sextile Neptune

A lover, not a fighter

Kelli Fox

No matter what setbacks you might experience in love, you'll always come out ahead in the end -- you're too optimistic not to. Your relationships are sweet and sensitive, because you bring those qualities to them. You're a true lover, not a fighter.

You want nothing more than to help out your sweetie whenever they need it. You're compassionate with them, sensitive to their moods and their needs. You can be very selfless, which might get you into trouble at times -- but even if you've been taken advantage of, you wouldn't want to harden yourself, just because some people don't realize the gift you're giving them. Obviously, your best partner in love will be someone who can give as generously and selflessly of their time and attention as you do. You need to find someone to love who returns the favors that you give them, because otherwise, your relationships can spin quickly out of balance. You always look for the best in other people, but the sad truth is that some people aren't worth your trouble. You're better off choosing a bit more wisely first, and then letting your generosity and compassion flow.

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