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Jupiter sextile Juno

The meaning of life: Relationship

Kelli Fox

Your search for the meaning of life will almost certainly lead you to a long-term, committed relationship, because for you, the two are inextricably linked. An intimate partnership with another human being is one of the main ways that you experience this sense of the truth of life; committed relationships are, for you, like a spiritual awakening. You're attracted to lovers who are on a quest similar to yours, and who are willing to share with you what they've learned along their path as well as to listen to you and learn from your experiences.

Equality is also important to you in a love affair. You like to look up to your lover as a mentor, but you also like for them to respect your knowledge as well. A mutual sense of awe, respect and appreciation is important to you in love. When you find that seeking soul that's traveling along a similar path to yours, the attraction will be fast and sure. A mental connection is essential to you in love; you want to be able to philosophize with your honey as well as connect on a physical or emotional level. A stable commitment is actually a freeing experience for you, because it helps you get in touch with your own beliefs and ideals.

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