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Jupiter opposite Uranus

Very, very, quite contrary

Kelli Fox

You impress your admirers with your bright and active mind, your seemingly limitless stores of knowledge, your enthusiasm for learning and for teaching. You're even a little outrageous at times, and you make a very fun date. But what about a partner in a committed, intimate relationship?

That's where things get a little tricky for you. That outrageous streak can go overboard, and instead of seeming zany to your honey, you might actually seem unbalanced. If you're constantly chasing after the next big get-rich-quick scheme or what have you, your sweetie will slowly but surely develop a constant, low-grade sense of 'Uh-oh' whenever you're around. What, they'll wonder, are you going to jump into next? Because like most people close to you, your sweetie knows that you tend to look before you leap, and as often as not, the results aren't good. You don't react well to their attempts to rein you in, either. You can become pretty stubborn about it when you've got a scheme in mind and your honey tries to talk you back down to reality. Your best partner will be someone who can help to balance you out, but who also knows how to break through your defenses.

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