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Jupiter opposite South Node

Expansion through progress

Kelli Fox

For you, love affairs are all about growth and expansion, of your experiences, your mind, your behavior, your very soul. You don't let yourself get bogged down in the past; when a relationship ends, you take its lessons for what they're worth and move on to the next exciting prospect. You rarely repeat the same mistakes in relationships more than a few times; you're big on learning, and not much on stagnation.

In fact, when a relationship starts to feel old, tired, as if it's not offering you anything new or fresh to consider, you're liable to move on. It's not that you're restless, exactly; it's just that you like to move forward instead of staying in one place. When you find a relationship that progresses naturally, at an interesting pace, you'll be happy -- this is the kind of relationship that can hold your interest long-term. Your spontaneity and adaptability translate as a kind of interesting energy that inspires your sweetie to tackle life with the same gobble-it-up gusto that you bring to all of your experiences. When you find that special someone who matches you in their appetite for expansion, for progress, you'll know you've found the one for you.

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