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Jupiter opposite Saturn

Swinging back and forth

Kelli Fox

You have a hard time reaching goals that you set for yourself, because you swing back and forth between grand visions of the future and a pessimistic sense of your own limitations. In terms of love, this can make dating and relationships difficult. For one thing, you have a hard time keeping a commitment to a lover, because though you have all kinds of good intentions in the beginning of the affair that you feel just certain you'll be able to keep, you inevitably end up feeling overwhelmed by the magnitude of what you've taken on.

You lack a balanced sense of perspective, so thinking about your future or your goals is either a confidence-boosting experience or one that makes you feel depressed. Thus, you have issues with dependence; you'll send out all the right signals to get closer with that special someone, but then at the last minute, you'll pull away, suddenly feeling restless and put-upon. You have a hard time choosing whether to be cautious in your affections or as open and free as you sometimes feel. Needless to say, some sense of balance would really help! You should strive to incorporate the two extremes instead of swinging back and forth between them.

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