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Jupiter opposite Pluto

Trying too hard

Kelli Fox

You've always marched to the beat of your own drummer, but while originality is a good thing, you may have noticed that your friends and lovers are sometimes turned off by your more out-there ideas, not to mention your stubborn my-way-or-the-highway attitude. It's more important to you to stand alone than to get along with others -- including your sweetie. You spend a lot of time either alone or in conflict with other people.

You like shoving against the crowd instead of running with it, and unless you can find a lover who has the exact same idiosyncratic view of life that you do, this can really present problems when you're trying to be intimate with someone special. Your urge for originality is actually a kind of wall that you've put up around you; for example, you'll argue hotheadedly with anyone about just about anything, just to show that you're different and freethinking. But why does thinking freely have to go hand in hand with antagonism? And an ironic twist on this whole picture is that you're pretty sensitive to being challenged. If you want to develop a close relationship with someone sweet, you'll have to learn to listen to others and look for the wisdom in their ideas.

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