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Jupiter opposite North Node

Don't wait for it to happen; make it happen

Kelli Fox

You may think that your personal development is all a matter of luck, or circumstance; that you just have to sit back, go with the flow and wait for life and love to happen to you. Well, sorry to say, that isn't the case. If you want to learn anything and progress anywhere, you're going to have to take your future into your own hands, and that includes your love life.

You may feel perfectly content to follow old maps, repeating old relationship patterns and relearning the same lessons again and again; but the point of life is growth, and repeating old lessons is just running in circles. Your biggest lesson to learn lies in faith and trust. Look back at your past love affairs: Has trust been an issue? Probably so. You tend to put your trust in the wrong people, or you don't trust people that you should. You may have had too much faith that things were going to work out with someone who just wasn't right for you, so you stayed in the relationship, waiting for things to turn around. Getting stuck like this doesn't teach you anything, however, so instead of wasting time in dead-end affairs, try to open your eyes and your heart to the lessons that life holds for you.

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