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Jupiter opposite Neptune

Eyes too big for your heart

Kelli Fox

You're both kind and generous, but often to a fault. You were probably the type of kid who brought home every stray dog and cat you found, despite the fact that you already had too many at home, needing more individual and focused care than they were getting. That's the way you are in love, too: You have a habit of promising more than you can actually deliver.

You jump into relationships heart-first, with high hopes for your future with this new, incredibly special person who sets your heart a-beating and your libido a-jumping. This one, you think, might really be the one! Your optimism is humming on high and everything looks rosy. But then, sooner or later, reality comes crashing in. Lots of times, it's the reality of what you're bringing to the relationship -- or failing to bring -- that ultimately causes the end of things. Maybe you're spending too many evenings per week out partying with friends, and not enough at home, giving your honey a little TLC. Maybe you're actually dating more than one person, when they want a commitment. You tend to overdo it in love; you need to learn to keep your promises to yourself until you're sure that you can keep them.

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