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Jupiter in Virgo

A natural caretaker

Kelli Fox

You're responsible and dependable, and in your intimate relationship, you may take on the role of caretaker, always responding immediately to any crisis. You're capable and practical, after all, and you know what to do and how to handle most problems that arise. And you love to help out and be of service, especially to the people that you love.

But try not to take on too much of this role in your romantic relationship. Things will probably always be a bit weighted toward you in this respect in your life, but relationships are supposed to be about equals. Plus, you're likely to have a caretaker role in your job or career, so to have to do that at home as well would just be too much. On the other hand, relationships are all about two individuals coming together and blending their strengths to make a stronger whole, and your strengths certainly include handling details, fixing problems and generally taking care of everyone around you. Just try not to get involved with anyone who would take advantage of this side of you. Otherwise, you might wear yourself out putting everything you've got into the relationship, and not getting nearly as much out of it.

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