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Jupiter in Taurus

A grounded philosophy

Kelli Fox

Your philosophy of life is all about practicality and security, and those values inform everything that you do. In romance, you're attracted to people whose intellectual ideas are based on a stable, realistic foundation; whimsical or flaky types usually turn you off, because you have a hard time drumming up lasting affection for someone whom you don't feel certain that you can trust. But while you're so dependent on security, not the least of which is financial security, you're rather indulgent when it comes to yourself -- which creates a funny little paradox.

In love, you want a partner who will uphold their half of the relationship, both financially and otherwise -- but you also want them to accept your self-indulgent streak that sometimes pushes you to drop more than you can afford on a new gadget or pair of shoes, or to go for an impromptu weekend excursion even when your credit cards are already near their limits. Under this influence, however, you do make an emotionally open and sensual lover. You seek stability in relationships, and that practical outlook means you don't tend to stay in partnerships that are not a good bet.

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