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Jupiter in Sagittarius

Freedom and fun

Kelli Fox

You don't like to be restricted in life, so why would you want it in a love affair? You need your freedom, because your soul wants to expand right along with your many and varied philosophies of life. You chafe under the pressures of rules and regulations, and routines just get you down.

If you get involved with someone who expects you to check in with them all the time, just to let them know who you're with, what you're doing and when you're coming home, or someone who's overly jealous or possessive -- well, let's just say, that relationship probably won't last for long. There are too many interesting people to meet and experiences to be had to waste your time with a downer like that! Your best relationships will be with people whose minds are as active and wide-ranging as yours. You need a lover who is interested in adventure and experience, like you are; who loves to talk theory and philosophy, like you do; who gobbles up life with the same enthusiasm that you feel on a regular basis. Stodgy, unenthusiastic types need not apply; you're interested in energy and positivity -- and, perhaps most of all, freedom.

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