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Jupiter in Pisces

A sensitive soul

Kelli Fox

You have the capacity to be one of the kindest, most compassionate lovers around. Your philosophy of love is all about giving of yourself, merging two souls into a greater whole. You can even be a little too self-sacrificing, in fact; you can get into trouble if you give too freely of your energies to a lover who doesn't give back nearly as much, or who actually takes advantage of your sweet and giving nature.

You're very idealistic in love, though, so if you do get stuck in a relationship in which you're giving more than you're getting out of it, the situation could go on for quite a while -- as you tend to deceive yourself about the reality of a love affair, if it's not a reality that you like. Your imaginative, fantasy side is very well-developed, and you can go on for some time pretending to yourself and everyone around you that things are just as you'd hope for them to be. On the other hand, you can get your feelings deeply hurt by someone who treats you coldly or takes advantage of you, and it can take some time to recover. As long as you're with a trustworthy and well-intentioned lover, you can create a sense of magic and mysticism in your intimate relationships.

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