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Jupiter in Libra

Harmony over truth

Kelli Fox

Your romantic past may be quite long indeed, because you really don't like to be alone. You're happiest in a romantic relationship, and even more than that, you're always working at getting it just right. You have some very high ideals when it comes to love affairs; you want harmony, affection and tenderness in spades, and you'll do what it takes to create this atmosphere with your sweetie.

You're a born diplomat, and you bring this skill to your personal partnerships as well as your relationships with colleagues, clients and others. But your tendency is to be conciliatory when sometimes you should really put your foot down and fight for what you believe in. But this is hard for you to do, because you really abhor conflict -- even over an important and worthy issue. You might back down in an argument with your sweetie in order to keep the peace, or always let them choose the movie you see or where to go to dinner just to give them a sense of control. As you can see, this can go overboard sometimes, especially if you're involved with someone who's difficult or domineering. You have to learn to stand up for yourself, at least on the important issues that arise.

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