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Jupiter in Leo

Splashy gestures

Kelli Fox

You have big ideals when it comes to love and romance. In your philosophy, love should be a grand, sweeping, passionate affair, one that sweeps you and your sweetie both off your feet and into the clouds. You're also very generous and something of a big spender, because you love treating your sweetie with expensive gifts, fancy meals, nights out on the town...

So what if it ratchets up your credit card debt? Well, generosity is wonderful, but remember that you can't buy friends and lovers. (And the ones that you can buy, you probably don't want.) Your admirers are already attracted to you for your expansive, generous nature; you don't have to back it up with big, splashy, expensive gestures. But sometimes, when it comes to treating yourself and your sweetie like royalty, you really don't know when enough is enough. Furthermore, try to be conscious of letting the other person take center stage once in a while. You like to be at the center of things, and you make a very warm, gregarious and enthusiastic center indeed. But if the balance of power is weighted too heavily toward your side, your sweetie could get grumpy from time to time.

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