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Jupiter in Gemini

A broad philosophy

Kelli Fox

You've got a fast-moving mind, one that likes to cover a wide variety of subjects and theories. You can really keep your lover guessing as to where your mind will turn next! You're most attracted to people who don't try to curtail your thought processes -- people who can actually help you expand your theories and take things even further than you could on your own.

You tend to get caught up in details, so someone who can bring your ideas out into the open will really blow you away. You can sometimes slip into 'clever mode,' when you're trying a little too hard to impress someone with your sharp wit and intelligence. On a first date, try to tone it down just a little --it would be a shame to turn someone off when what you really wanted to do was gain their admiration! Similarly, you can annoy your friends and loved ones by being a little too liberal with your advice, even the unsolicited variety. On the other hand, your best opportunities in love will be related to knowledge and mental sharpness. You might meet your true love at school, a poetry reading or a bookstore, or in some other venue that encourages freedom of thought.

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