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Jupiter in Capricorn

Take a chance in love

Kelli Fox

You have quite conservative or traditional values when it comes to relationships. You're probably not one to be reckless in the game of love, unless there are other, stronger influences in your birth chart to override this one; because this one is all about doing things in the proper way and living up to others' expectations of you. In choosing a mate, for example, you might lean more toward finding someone to love who fits your parents' idea of who you should be with more than they fit your own; or you might leave someone you really love because for some reason, you've decided that the relationship is unsuitable as it goes against your traditional values.

You're security conscious in love; you don't want to take any risks for fear of getting left out in the cold. As a result, you could make a lifelong early -- but if you do, make sure it's to someone you truly love and respect, instead of just someone whom you've deemed suitable. 'Suitable' shouldn't really be a qualification when it comes to matters of the heart, and emotional and financial security can only be relied upon so far. You would do well to loosen up your philosophies a bit, and take a chance in love.

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