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Jupiter in Cancer

An emotionally-based philosophy of life

Kelli Fox

Whether overtly or subtly, you're pushing toward a long-term, committed relationship -- because you recognize that that's the forum in which you'll do your greatest work. In this case, 'work' means reaching out to other people, nurturing and protecting them. Those are your strengths, and they're perfectly expressed at home, in a family environment.

Until you start a family of your own, you'll express this part of yourself through your closest friends or the family you were born to. Once you fall in love with someone and make a commitment, you'll shift this over to your new family, and you'll do just about anything to protect them. You tend to believe deeply in the things you learned from your parents, growing up, and passing on these philosophies to your own children is important to you. For this reason, it's important that you find a lover who shares at least similar life philosophies to yours. How terrible it would be to fall for someone who had vastly different ideas about child rearing or how to create a comfortable home! The relationship probably wouldn't last. One forged with someone who has values similar to yours stands a much greater chance of lasting long-term.

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