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Jupiter in Aries

Overflowing with energy

Kelli Fox

You talk about your opinions as freely and impulsively as you give out gifts and favors -- and these qualities both endear you to your honey and, on occasion, annoy them. For one thing, you often dominate the conversation. On a date, even with someone brand-new, you talk a mile a minute and might not notice that your potential sweetie is sitting there, growing annoyed with the fact that they can't get a word in edgewise.

Furthermore, you're pretty darn sure of yourself and your opinions, aren't you? Often you stick to your ideas like glue, even if you have no concrete evidence to found them upon. On the more positive side, you're incredibly generous with people. No sooner does the idea of a gift or treat for someone you love come into your head than you're already showering them with it. You're really indulgent, and can sometimes smother the one you love. But this impulsive effusiveness is just part of who you are, and when you find your true match in love, they'll put up with the downside and appreciate the upside. And you will find your match, because you're nothing if not great at recognizing opportunities in the game of love and jumping on them!

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