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Jupiter in Aquarius

Ethics in relationship

Kelli Fox

You have a definite code of ethics when it comes to love affairs, but two things are certain: One, your ethics are your very own, and they're probably not completely traditional, because you've come up with them based on what works for you; and two, you're independent enough in your thinking that you'd never try to get anyone else to subscribe to your same set of morals, even your sweetie -- at least, not by force. You're much more the type simply to set an example, which the people around you tend to follow because it's clear to them that you're intelligent, that you've thought about what's important to you and why, and therefore yours is a good example to follow. Independence, in fact, is probably the key to your relationship ethics.

You believe down into your soul in the importance of each person in the relationship being free to be themselves and follow their own paths in life. You tend to be rather cool-headed, even -- or especially -- in times of emotional crisis, such as during an argument with your sweetie. Don't be surprised if this infuriates them even more in the heat of the moment, even if they appreciate your detached, intellectual approach at other times!

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