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Jupiter conjunct Uranus

A taste for the unexpected

Kelli Fox

Your sense of optimism about the future will really help in saving you from a broken heart, because you know that everything you go through is a learning experience. You're always interested in what's going to happen next, so you don't tend to dwell in the past -- a real gift when it comes to love. You're not likely to get stuck mooning over someone you used to love, wishing for what can never be.

You're far more interested in the next person who's going to catch your eye, or maybe who already has! Love can sometimes take you by surprise. There's an element of the unexpected in the way that your life unfolds, especially those relationships that are growth experiences for you. You just never know who you might fall for, or when. For this reason, you might not be much for settling down and making a commitment, unless other factors make for a more stable romantic connection. You're idealistic about love and -- let's be honest here -- a bit addicted to the thrill of the unexpected; but falling in love and getting to know someone at a deep level can actually be quite unpredictable! Try not to confuse stability and commitment with tedium.

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