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Jupiter conjunct Saturn

Soul-expansion through hard work

Kelli Fox

You're serious about how you organize and lead your life, and that includes love. Sometimes it may feel like you don't have enough time for anything so frivolous as a relationship, because you're such a hard worker. But when it's time for you to bring love into your life, you'll work just as hard at that, and find just as satisfying results.

You're quite knowledgeable, a natural leader, and you prize learning and the expansion of both your mind and your soul. You work best in a relationship with someone as serious and as hungry as you are; someone who will appreciate your stores of knowledge and your talents, and who can add their own good ideas to the table. You have a lot of responsibilities -- work, family and so on -- that are important to you, so it's essential, when you're looking for long-term love, that you find a partner who respects your time and your duties. But then, you know yourself pretty well by now, and you know what you want in life. You probably wouldn't get involved with someone whose frivolous outlook didn't match up with your more serious one; and if you did, you're pragmatic enough to leave a relationship when it isn't working anymore.

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