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Jupiter conjunct Pluto

A good head on your shoulders

Kelli Fox

Whatever your goals are in love, you're almost certain to attain them; you have so much confidence and determination that failure just isn't in your vocabulary. Your admirers are attracted to you for this internal strength and vitality, qualities that just shine out from you like a beacon. You're a natural teacher, and you're so intense in your learning and spreading the knowledge that sometimes you're more like a preacher.

You love to share what you've learned through the course of your experiences with the people you care about. Your romantic relationships are learning experiences in themselves. In fact, your best love affairs might not be the ones that run smoothly and sweetly from start to finish, because you thrive on challenges. The more you learn, the more powerful you feel -- so a few bumps in the road on the way to bliss with someone special don't really bother you. Bring it on! The more creative you have to be in order to work out an issue with a lover, the better. You're too smart to stay in something that's going nowhere, and even if you did get into a dead-end relationship, you'd come through it smarter and most definitely stronger.

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