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Jupiter conjunct North Node

At the crest of the wave

Kelli Fox

The way you think about life is almost always current. You move right along with the times, always at the head of the newest wave in whatever -- technology, politics, books and movies, the It spot out on the town. The same goes for you in love: You're a forward-thinker whose best opportunities in the dating game come through being innovative.

You love taking your sweetie out to the latest, hottest restaurant or club, or maybe that's where you'll meet them for the first time -- out on the packed dance floor, or seated at the bar because the restaurant's too crowded to get a table. Your fluid sense of the here and now also helps you to be a truly spontaneous and adaptable lover. Your honey says 'Let's go here!' and you say 'Okay!' You don't hesitate to move on to the next experience, the next big thing, because for you, life is all about progress. Moving forward. Your love affairs rarely stagnate; you won't let them. This might mean that you go through several relationships before finding the one that constantly thrills you with fresh insights and sensations, but that's okay -- you'll get there. As forward-oriented as you are, you couldn't hold back if you tried!

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