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Jupiter conjunct Neptune

Big dreamer

Kelli Fox

Especially if other aspects in your birth chart support it, you're very idealistic about love. You hold a sweet vision in your mind's eye of what a truly loving, romantic relationship can and should be like, and when you fall in love, you try to create this vision in reality. You might be successful sometimes, and not others; it all depends on the situation, the partner you're involved with and so on.

You would do well to remember that perfection in a relationship isn't attainable except in brief, sweet, fleeting moments, but keeping such a grasp on reality isn't really your thing. You're more of an escapist; if things aren't going how you wish they were in love, well, you'll just pretend that they are. This can be a real gift at times, such as when you're single and lonely but looking forward into the future with your mind's eye, to that time and place when you'll find your honey and create that dreamy bond that you've been imagining. But at times, this escapist tendency can get you into trouble, if, for example, you're in a relationship that isn't good for you. You might stay in it longer than you would have if you'd just accepted the fact that it wasn't going anywhere, and moved on.

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