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Jupiter conjunct Juno

Expansion through partnership

Kelli Fox

In love, you look for a teacher -- someone who can help you along the paths in life that you're most interested in. You're philosophical yourself, and you love sharing your knowledge and insights with other people. For you, love and partnership are inextricably linked with learning and the expansion of your soul.

You're attracted to people who have traveled to exotic places; who have held interesting, demanding jobs; who have gotten an education, either a formal one or one that they pursued and directed themselves. You're hungry for information, for experience, for enlightenment, and you're attracted to those qualities in others. You're also attracted to optimism in a lover; to a wide-open heart that looks forward into the future with excitement and enthusiasm. You do well in long-term relationships that allow you to expand your boundaries and your experiences; you wouldn't be happy in an affair that limited you, with someone whose interest in conversation and philosophy wasn't as strong as yours. If you can find that bright-eyed partner you're looking for, the commitment you'll make will broaden your whole world.

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