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Juno unaspected

Slow down; take your time!

Kelli Fox

Your need for partnership can lead to distinct problems in your love life, problems that can take two different directions. On the one hand, you might have such strong yearnings for togetherness and commitment that you end up pushing away every possible candidate for love. After all, if they're keeping things light on the first date but you're talking commitment, well, that would scare anyone away!

If this is the case in your love life -- if you just can't seem to get to the commitment stage, no matter how hard you try -- take it as a sign that you're trying way too hard, and you need to back off and let things develop a lot more slowly and naturally. The other direction that this influence might take is that you find the commitment you crave -- again, and again, and again. You could end up being a serial monogamist if you're not careful, moving from one stable,' committed' relationship to the next -- and never really establishing any stability at all. Again, your best course is to slow down and take a serious look at your love life. Stop rushing into commitments with virtual strangers; take your time to find someone you can really love long-term.

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