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Juno in Virgo

Cleanliness, hard work and practicality

Kelli Fox

You want perfection in love, and you'll poke and prod and even nag and criticize until you get it. But worry and high standards go hand-in-hand with love, for you, which means you'll also be attracted to a long-term lover who has standards as high as yours are. And even if in the moment you get annoyed with their negative judgments, you still feel best when they're fussing over you, reminding you to eat right, wear a scarf, drive carefully and so on.

For you, that translates to love and care. So do loyalty and hard work. In order to be happy in a committed affair, you need a lover with a steady income, who knows how to pay the bills on time, keep the house clean and the laundry washed, who cooks healthful meals at regular times every morning and evening... You really thrive on a regular schedule of cleanliness, hard work and practicality. Just remember, though, that worry, criticism and attention to detail are in no way stand-ins for genuine emotional support and affection. You and your lover both also deserve encouragement, acceptance and some good old-fashioned cuddling from time to time, to counterbalance all that worry and nagging.

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