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Juno in Taurus

The stability of love

Kelli Fox

In a long-term relationship, you need a loyal lover -- someone solid and stable, whom you know you can rely on. Those qualities often come hand-in-hand with stubbornness, so, though harmony is also of utmost importance to you in a relationship, even your most secure, long-term affair will undergo the occasional squabble -- especially if you're a stubborn type yourself. But if you think you've got a loyal partner and they end up letting you down, that's when things will get really messy.

Whether your relationship is a positive, nurturing one or one that drains your energy and your optimism, money and sex will generally be the two subjects that you and your sweetie argue about most, because they're the two arenas of your affair that matter most to you. You need to feel supported, secure and adored, physically, financially, emotionally and otherwise. If you feel like your needs aren't being met, you can become very vulnerable and insecure indeed. The best partner for you will be someone who offers you a lot of sweetness, affection, steady commitment and trust, and who is also trustworthy and hardworking.

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