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Juno in Pisces

An idealized view of love

Kelli Fox

With this placement, you run some risks in the game of love. You have a very idealistic view of love itself and of your sweetie in particular. You tend to view them and the relationship through those proverbial rose-colored glasses, seeing only what you want to see instead of the sometimes harsh reality.

And what you want to see is dreamy: love, romance, intimacy, the true union of two souls. But the truth is, most relationships only live up to these ideals in blissful, fleeting moments. If you believe that yours is or should be this way all the time, you're deluding yourself -- which can lead to a not-fun disillusionment later, when you're forced to see the truth instead of continuing to believe in your own fantasies. Another danger for you to watch out for is that your idealistic fantasies of love merge with your savior fantasies, and push you to commit to someone who is troubled or otherwise difficult to handle, in hopes of saving them from themselves. You can't really save anyone but yourself, however. Don't learn this lesson the hard way! If you can't make realistic choices in love, you may have to rely on close, trusted friends to help you choose a good partner.

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