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Juno in Leo

Seeking a loyal, romantic partner

Kelli Fox

When you're looking for love, the shy, retiring, wallflower types tend to fly completely under your radar. You're much more attracted to fun, gregarious types who make you laugh and treat you to grand, showy gestures in the game of love! You get bored with modesty or passivity, or too much seriousness or rigidity; you're much more attracted to people who put their warm, vital charms right out front for you to enjoy.

Your long-term love will be someone who is by turns charming and bossy; sociable and just a little bit obnoxious; wildly romantic and, every now and again, annoyingly immature. But you've gotta take the good with the bad, right? You don't even mind fighting with your warmhearted yet sometimes hotheaded lover -- not too much, anyway -- because you always love the kissing and making up afterwards (wink, wink!). After all, it's hard to have the fun kind of passion without at least some of the not-so-fun kind. But it's the fun kind that gets you through. Your best partner for a long-term commitment will be someone loyal who honors your relationship and even puts it up on a pedestal, and who always makes time for romance.

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  1. C on November 5, 2016 at 9:47 am

    This is nice and all now that I know, just gotta find it.

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