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Juno in Gemini

Seeking freedom in love

Kelli Fox

In a long-term lover, you look for someone who excites you on a mental plane first. You want a mate who will always make you laugh and keep you guessing, someone you feel either matches you in intelligence or actually surpasses you just a little bit. You like to be wowed by your sweetie -- you love to feel astounded and amazed by them!

Commitment can be difficult for you; to be perfectly comfortable in a long-term affair, you need to feel like you're friends first with your honey. Even more importantly, they must give you plenty of freedom and independence. You're also big on communication with your intimate partner, so a lover who clams up and can't express their inner thoughts won't last long in your life. Neither will a lover who can't formulate an opinion on the movie you just saw or the book you read! You like a lot of diverse forms of communication with your sweetie, ranging from the playful to the flirtatious to the argumentative and beyond. It may take you some time to find this engaging, interesting soul who can be your mate for life. You tend to be a bit restless in the game of love, and may change your mind several times before settling on someone to love.

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