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Juno in Capricorn

In need of security

Kelli Fox

You need a partner in love who takes the relationship as seriously as you do, and you're willing to give up a little fun and romance in favor of qualities like reliability and security. Security is one of your deepest needs in a long-term, committed love affair, so you'll match up best with someone you can trust on a variety of levels: someone whom you know will always work hard and pay the bills on time, and whom you can trust to be faithful to you. Why the need for security?

Deep down, you are afraid of being betrayed; for this reason, emotional security is just as important to you as financial. Sometimes, though, you overlook it, or you try to make material security function as a stand-in for the emotional variety. You might end up with a lover who's a bit emotionally aloof, or who works so hard that they don't have much time left over for you or the relationship. But while this could be a bit of a lonely existence for you, you much prefer it to the alternative, as you see it -- a relationship with someone who might be a lot of fun, but whom you basically can't trust. For you, steady and dependable is far more attractive than wildly exciting and romantic but unstable.

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  1. Shelly on August 5, 2016 at 1:33 pm

    This seems very true, I have my Juno placement in Capricorn, but also my Vesta in conjunct with my midheaven & Chiron in Leo. Still figuring out my life path, but feel strongly that I was meant for something great that is bigger than myself. I find no time or energy for the mental space necessary to date until I find a successful path for myself and establish some authority, stability, respect, financial freedom, & notoriety, in my career. My moon is in Libra in the 12th house. Can be hard to know my true feelings of what I want and have intense indecisiveness at times. I found exercise brings clarity. Thanks for the article on Juno in Capricorn 🙂

  2. okey on August 8, 2017 at 6:19 am

    i absolutely hate this pc, pollyanna polite whitewashed version for saturnian relationships. i have juno in capricorn and to me it feels like before i incardnated someone realized their karmic debts or chart was so horrible, they made some deal to get out of it and my naive self got stuck with a natal chart that is completely not who i am underneath it, like i am trapped. i absolutely hate juno in capricorn. let me explain saturn relationships. that ‘security” is a delusion and illusion. it also is co-dependent, loveless, cold, and almost 99 percent of the time has some ulterior motive to be with someone where it is just functional. in my case, i attract men who cheat like the apocalypse is coming but they are very saturn and will come home and pay the bills and keep me for security or for traditional show. does this sound right to you?? this goes against all my values and i purposely reject my chart so that i can respect my soul and not let it be further degraded or taken advantage of or abused. how ironic.

  3. Regina Johnson on April 3, 2019 at 2:15 pm

    Hi, I just went through a transformational experience, I am currently dating a Capricorn man and I am a sun sign cancer with juno in Capricorn and I just finally realized that we go together very well but for years I have fought against this relationship. I found it hard to deal with the force of the Capricorn but once I started searching out my natal chart a lot things start to make sense and the terms I have come to realize is that I have to be who I am and speak my own truths and allow others to do the same thing and not hold on to any belief that would keep me stagnate. I finally spoke my truth to the Capricorn and I did not hold on to the security he offers me instead I have learn to hold on to my own truths. I have no idea whether this relationship will work out or not but I am trusting that my soul growth is blossoming everyday. Thank you for your insight on Juno in Capricorn

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