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Juno in Aries

Courage in love

Kelli Fox

When it comes to long-term, stable, committed love, you want a partner who will be right there in the foxhole with you -- someone who's strong enough to withstand the ups and downs of the relationship, who can deal with the occasional argument and who can basically weather the storm of life by your side, even if sometimes that storm centers right on your relationship itself. Just make sure that you don't take this too far. You're attracted to active, fiery, headstrong types, people who aren't afraid to get into it every now and again.

But sometimes things can get out of hand, and the occasional spat turns into frequent arguments -- and then your loving, committed relationship is more like the battleground itself than like the foxhole where the two of you once huddled together in mutual protection and support. As long as you find a partner who knows the difference between a healthy dose of conflict and an unhealthy one, your long-term relationship should be a source of great strength and interest for you. Courage is also important to you in a lover, and aggressiveness can be a real turn-on for you! The person you end up with long-term will probably pursue you quite boldly.

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