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Venus trine Saturn

Serious and straightforward

Kelli Fox

You'll put that special someone at ease during this time, because you're not making any unrealistic demands on anyone, including yourself. You're very realistic about what you can put into a love affair, and about what you can reasonably expect to get out of it. You're not looking for a hero, someone who's larger than life and who will move the earth for you; you're just looking for someone you can rely on, someone who will deliver what they say they will.

If they're honest with you about who they are and what their intentions are, then so much the better. You'll take them at their word and there will be no problems between you. You're very grounded during this transit, and practical about love. You're not expecting to be swept off your feet, which is a good thing...just don't expect to get overly infatuated with anyone at this time. If you start an affair, it will be serious and straightforward. You'll move slowly together, getting to know each other really well before making a commitment. You'll be open and honest, with yourself and with your potential lover, about what to expect from your connection.

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