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Venus trine Jupiter

Lucky in love

Kelli Fox

Too bad this transit is so short -- its intensity will only last a few days -- because it's such a pleasant and fun one. During this week-long period, you feel great: content with yourself, attractive, happy with your life. There's no better position from which to start a new relationship than from a feeling of contentment.

In fact, you could get lucky during this period. No, not in that way! Although, it is a possibility. But luck in general will find its way to you, and you could meet someone you're very taken with during this time. You'll spread the wealth, bringing your confidence and good mood to any party, date or get-together and making everyone around you feel great as well. Even if no one special has caught your eye, you could go out with friends, and you'll be so fun and witty that you'll catch someone's eye without even meaning or trying to. In itself, the energy of this transit isn't enough to bring on The One or True Love; but you'll have a great time anyway, and those things are certainly a possibility. This is definitely a good time to make contact with that special someone.

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