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Venus trine Juno

Looking for long-term love

Kelli Fox

This transit could bring you just what you're looking for in terms of love, romance and a very strong, fun physical attraction to that special someone. Whoever you've had your eye on is probably good-looking, and a good person on the inside as well. The energy of this transit puts you in a space where you're able to register inner beauty as well as outer, so that hottie you're attracted to?

That's right -- they're likely to have a good heart as well as a really nice body and face! Oooh, exciting. Everyone wants to fall for someone that not only wows them on an emotional level and sets their heart a-pitter-pat, but who also thrills them physically. That's just the opportunity this transit offers you. Affection and trust will abound between you if you start up a new relationship at this time, but so will lust and flirtation! You'll turn each other on in a physical way as well as an emotional one. What could be better? Not much, so don't waste this influence. It's the perfect time to get out there and start getting to know that special someone, so don't be shy. This is not a time to stay home; it's a time to enjoy yourself and look for the person who could become a long-term love.

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